I am an Assistant Professor in the Political Science Department of the University of Toronto and the University of Toronto ScarboroughI'm also an Affiliated Faculty member of the Environmental Governance Lab in the Munk School of Global Affairs, and a Faculty Associate at the Governance, Environment, and Markets Initiative at Yale University.

My research interests include global environmental politics, transnational private governance, international and comparative political economy, and European Union politics. 



July 7-8: presentation on "Transnational Private Governance and European Union Regulation: Examining the Impact of Public‐Private Governance Interactions" at the Bi-annual Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance, Tilburg, Netherlands.

June 24-25: presentation on "Organizational Learning Through Transparency: The Internal Role of Information Disclosure in the Evolution of the Marine Stewardship Council" (co-authored with Graeme Auld) at the conference on "Disclosing Sustainability: The Transformative Power of Transparency?", Wageningen, Netherlands.

June 17-18: presentation on "The Potential of Transnational Climate Governance: Linking Institutional Design to Effects and Effectiveness" (co-authored with Lily Hsueh) at the annual meeting of the conference on Environmental Policy & Governance, Gerzensee, Switzerland (presented by Lily Hsueh).

May 30: presentation on "The EU and Sustainable Biofuels Governance Across Borders: Shaping or Failing Global Public Policy" (co-authored with Grace Skogstad and Matthieu Mondou) at the annual meeting of the Canadian Political Science Association, Calgary (presented by Grace Skogstad).

May 16-17: presentations on "Transnational Private Governance and European Union Regulation: Examining the Impact of Public‐Private Governance Interactions" and on "Micro-level Mechanisms of Interaction in the Compliance-Assessment Process of Fisheries Certification" (co-authored with Graeme Auld) at the Conference on “Theorizing Transnational Business Governance Interactions", York University, Toronto.


Renckens, Stefan. 2015. The Basel Convention, US Politics, and the Emergence of Non-State E-Waste Recycling Certification, International Environmental Agreements 15(2): 141-158.

Auld, Graeme, Stefan Renckens and Benjamin Cashore. 2015. Transnational Private Governance between the Logics of Empowerment and Control, Regulation & Governance 9(2): 108-124.